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    JAN. 2020

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    Launching a Lean Venture in Connecticut; Seventh Edition; Entrepreneurship Foundation, Inc
    Unlike many venerable disciplines, the art and science of Entrepreneurship continues to evolve and adapt to an ever changning business and economic environment. With the advent of the information age, it has become easier to start a new business. Software products and mobile apps do not require capital-intensive factories or long lead-times to market; and with the explosive growth of 3-D printing, many physical products can be protoyped and market-tested at prices affordable to even startup entrepreneurs.
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    Launching a Lean Venture; Seventh Edition; Entrepreneurship Foundation, Inc
    The LEAN STARTUP METHOD was developed by Eric Ries, based on lean manufacturing methods. It is designed to rapidly discover if a proposed business idea is viable. This is accomplished through pre-launch market research and then testing limited versions of the product or service with customers to determine which (if any) product features and benefits are most important to buyers. The Lean Method will save a new company significant time and money to discover and perfect a profitable and sustainable business concept.
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