• January 2020

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    Ivorleaf has an unlimited library with 200+ free and premium titles [more free ones of course!] that are dedicated to course specific material. Used by CSCU schools such as Housatonic and Gateway Community College. Ivorleaf's open books are open sourced and licensed under a Creative Commons license.

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    All titles with our Parago[n] feature is activated have interactive spreadsheets, worksheets, annotation features (highlighting, note taking, etc.), and more! Click here learn more about Parago[n]!

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    Traditional books = cut down trees!

    We are committed to improving the social, economical, and environmental well being of our community!

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    A PREMIUM one. It's a NOLO.

    Launching a new business can seem a daunting challenge. This text divides the process into manageable steps. Unlike many venerable disciplines, the art and science of Entrepreneurship continues to evolve and adapt to an ever changing business and economic environment. With the advent of the information age, it has become easier to start a new business.

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